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The Research Notebooks (R.N.) were established in 1982 by Loukia Droulia, director of INR/NHRF, after a proposal of researcher Triantafilos E. Sklavenitis, to fulfill the need for a quick and convenient method of announcing the results of research conducted by the Institute. As is evident by their contents, the R.N. published a large part of the research results of the Institute and its researchers in the following four fields:



R.N. 1 (1982): T. E. Sklavenitis, CATALOGUE OF MICROFILMS. Photographs of documents, registers, manuscripts, printed editions and portraiture 1960-1980.

R.N. 2 (1982): Loukia Droulia, Alexis Politis, T. E. Sklavenitis, Cataloguing of documents, manuscripts, printed editions of Rhodes and Symi.

R.N. 5 (1983): Yannis Kokkonas, Catalogue of incunabula of the National Library of Greece. Including the copies of the Benaki Museum.

R.N. 6 (1983): K. K. Spiliotakis, Personal Archive of Michael Iatros (1802-1893). Giorgos Sbiliris, Personal Archive of Dimitrios Kallergis (1824-1867).

R.N. 8 (1986): Dimitris Aggelatos, The Personal Archive of Andreas H. Lontos (1811-1881). Haris Koutelakis, The Libraries of Tilos and Astypalea.

R.N. 11 (1987): Aikaterini Koumarianou - D. Aggelatos, Personal Archive of P. Kodrikas. Catalogue. Giorgos Emm. Rodolakis, Historical Archive of Hydra. Inventory diagram.

R.N. 13 (1987): Komnini D. Pidonia, Greek incunabula of the Greek School Library and of the Greek Orthodox churches of Vienna. Konstantina Kriaraki, Catalogue of books and periodicals of the Th. Afthentopoulos donation to INR/NHRF. Kostas Baroutas, Catalogue of Nuremberg engravings of Greek interest.

R.N. 22 (1999): Varban Todorof, Catalogue of Greek manuscripts and printed books (17th-19th century). The Collection in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. Contribution to the History of Greek Diaspora.

R.N. 23 (2000): Hans Eideneier, Ulrich Moennig, Helma Winterwerb, Neograeca in Germania. Bestande Frόhneugriechischer und liturgischer Drucke des 16.-18. Jahrhunderts in Bibliotheken des deutschsprachigen Raums.

R.N. 24 (2002): Haralambos Hotzakoglou, Greek manuscripts and incunabula in the Serbian Orthodox library of St. Andrew (Szentendre) of Budapest.

R.N. 31 (2008): Vasiliki Bobou-Stamati, Lord Guilford's library in Corfu (1824-1830).



These additions are a continuation of those published in the journal O Eranistis, vol. 1 (1963) – vol. 16 (1980), no. A1-A1886 (for the period 1800-1863).

R.N. 3 (1982):  Giorgos D. Bokos, Greek Bibliography. Unknown Septinsular Broadsides (1798-1817).

R.N. 4 (1983):  Philipos Iliou, Greek Bibliography 1800-1863. Additions-complements.

R.N. 10 (1988):  Giorgos Kehagioglou, Three unrecorded publications of the 16th century. Dimitrios I. Polemis, Three unknown printed documents of the 18th century.

R.N. 10 (1988):  13 publications with additions to Greek Bibliography 1800-1863: Olga Avgoustatou, Elli Droulia-Mitrakou, Philipos Iliou, Yannis Kokkonas, Christina Koulouri, Ioannis K. Mazarakis-Ainian, Panagiotis D. Mihailaris, Vicky Patsiou, Popi Polemi, Marietta Servou, Triantafilos E. Sklavenitis.

R.N. 13 (1987):  Komnini Pidonia, Greek incunabula of the Greek School Library and of the Greek Orthodox churches of Vienna.

R.N. 10 (1988):  G. D. Bokos, Additions to Ionian Bibliography (1799-1811).

The R.N. published 3,400 additions to the 1800-1863 period, almost tripling the number of additions, having also the help of researchers who cooperated with the Institute, chiefly among them Philipos Iliou (1931-2004) and his «Bibliographical Laboratory».



R.N. 8 (1986): E. Nikolaidis, D. Dialetis, E. Athanasiadis, A typology of the books of science of the pre-revolutionary century (1700-1821).

R.N. 9A (1987): Neohellenic Libraries (17th-19th cent.). Giannis Karas, Intellectual centers during the first half of the 17th century. The case of the Patriarchal Library of Alexandria. Alexis Politis, Four private medium type libraries (18th cent.). Loukia Droulia, Scholarship and bibliophily. Dimitrios Mostras and his library.

R.N. 11 (1987): Florin Marinescu, The Romanian documents of the Protate and of the Xiropotamos, Koutloumousi, Dionysios and Iviron Monasteries of Mt. Athos. Pre-announcement.

R.N. 12 (1987): Florin Marinescu, Étude généalogique sur la famille Mourouzi.

R.N. 14 (1988): Anna Tambaki, Moliere in the culture of Fanari Three handwritten translations.

R.N. 17 (1993): On Travel Literature and Related Matters. References and Approaches. Editor: Loukia Droulia. Contributors: Eleni Aggelomati-Tsougaraki, Agathoklis Azelis, Ioli Vigopoulou, Evgenia Drakopoulou, Loukia Droulia, Rania Polikandrioti, Giorgos Tolias, Ilia Hatzipanagioti, Raia Zaimova.

R.N. 18 (2003): Populations and Settlements of Greece. Historical Studies. Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, Leonidas Kalivretakis, Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Michalis Kokolakis, Evdokia Olimbitou.

R.N. 27 (2004): Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Testimonies regarding the population of the Aegean islands, 15th – early 19th century.



R.N. 7 (1984): Seminar Lessons. Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, Demographic and Geographic Problems of Greece. C. T. Dimaras, Greek neology. Yolanda Triantafillidou-Beladié, Research on after death estate inventorying. Panagiotis Moullas, The transformations of the narrator. Spiros I. Asdrahas, In feudal Corfu: the appropriation of agricultural surplus. Spiros I. Asdrahas, Economics and outlooks: the testimony of the “Chronicle of Serres”, of Nektarios Terpos, and of Argiris Filippidis. Gianis Tsiomis, The Architect. History. The intersection of ideas and practice in various areas.

R.N. 15 (1988): Popular literature in Southeastern Europe (19th and beginning of 20th cent.) Work Meeting April 21-22, 1988, Editors: Evagelia Antzaka-Vei, Lia Papadaki

R.N. 19 (1993): The evolution of wooden shipbuilding in the Eastern Mediterranean during the 18th and 19th centuries. First International Workshop. Editor: Kostas Damianidis.

R.N. 21 (1998): Industrial Records. Problems of Management. Seminar proceedings of the European programme «Leonardo 1995» (Athens, December 1996), Editors: Christina Agriantoni, Evridiki Sifneou.

R.N. 25-26 (2004): Eastern Mediterranean Cartographies. Editors: Giorgos Tolias, Dimitris Loupis.

R.N. 28 (2005): Diaspora-Networks-Enlightenment. Editors: Maria A. Stasinopoulou, Maria-Christina Hatziioanou.

R.N. 29 (2006): Tendances actuelles de la Littérature comparée dans le Sud-est l’Europe. Editor: Anna Tambaki.

R.N. 30 (2006): Identité Culturelle, Littérature, Histoire, Mémoire. Editor: Ourania Polikandrioti.


EDITORIAL TEAM: Vols 2 (1982) - 8 (1986): Emanouil N. Fragiskos, Katerina Gardika-Alexandropoulou, Panagiotis D. Michailaris, Dimitra Pikramenou-Varfi, Triantafilos E. Sklavenitis. Vols 10-14 (1987-1988). Panagiotis D. Michailaris, Triantafilos E. Sklavenitis, Maria-Christina Hatziioanou.

Editor: Vols 1 (1982) - 8 (1986), 10-14 (1987-1988), 22-24 (1999-2002): Triantafilos E. Sklavenitis.